About Us

We love cycling. And we hate anything that gets in the way of enjoying a good ride.
We know from bitter experience that nothing spoils a ride as quickly as saddle discomfort. It doesn’t matter what type of cyclist you are or what bike you ride. We all need to look after the bits that go on the saddle.

Over the years we’ve tried all the pills and all the potions, all of the creams and all of the lotions. What we’ve learnt is that no two cyclists are the same, and what works for one troubled rider might not work for everyone.
We’ve tested, and selected the very best chamois and skin preparations, the ones that really worked for us, and we’ve used our bulk buying power to offer them to you at the very best prices.

If saddle discomfort is keeping you off the bike, we have the products and advice to get you back in the saddle as soon as possible.